Indian Students, and Parents to Sign Mandatory Clause For Canada Visas

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is proposing new measures to protect Indian students in Canada. The ICCC is urging the immigration minister to add an acknowledgement form to admission forms for Indian students. The form would require students and their parents to acknowledge that they have read basic Canadian laws and that they know the consequences of violating them.

In a bid to tackle the increasing number of Indian students falling prey to their lack of knowledge about Canadian laws, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) has raised concerns with the Immigration Minister, urging action to address this critical issue.

Ignorance of Canadian laws among Indian students has led to devastating consequences, as reported by Murarilal Thapliyal, President of the ICCC.

Tragic incidents such as road accidents and drowning in ponds have occurred due to students’ failure to adhere to local laws. Moreover, the lack of awareness has contributed to cases of depression and even suicide among Indian students who find themselves without appropriate support.

Knowledge Gap Amplified by Paperwork Process

The ICCC recognizes that the majority of the paperwork for Indian students is handled by agents in India, leaving them and their parents with a limited understanding of Canadian laws and regulations. This knowledge gap exacerbates the risks and challenges faced by Indian students while studying in Canada.


Thapliyal also says that many Indian students do not pay their rent or vacate their premises when their lease is up. This has caused resentment in the Canadian community against Indian students.

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Acknowledgement Form as a Solution

To combat this pressing issue, the ICCC is urging the immigration minister to implement an acknowledgement form as a mandatory component of the admission process for Indian students.

Murarilal emphasizes that this form should require students and their parents to sign, confirming their awareness of basic Canadian laws and the consequences of violating them.


The ICCC proposes that signing the acknowledgement form becomes a prerequisite for admission to Canadian colleges. By making it a mandatory requirement, students will be encouraged to familiarize themselves with Canadian laws and regulations before embarking on their educational journey.

Post-Landing Services and Information Booklet

The ICCC advocates for Canadian colleges to establish dedicated counters at airports to provide post-landing services tailored to the needs of international students.

These services would include distributing a comprehensive booklet to each student, containing essential information about Canadian laws and rules.

The booklet would cover topics such as appropriate behavior in public places, consequences of traffic violations and failure to pay rent, emergency contact numbers, as well as contact information for NGOs and consulates.


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Zero Tolerance: Strict Consequences for Violations

The ICCC asserts that any student found to be in violation of the acknowledgement form should face strict consequences, including deportation, without leniency. This firm stance aims to ensure that students fully grasp the significance of adhering to Canadian laws and regulations.

Notably, increasing cases of Indian students neglecting their rental obligations and refusing to vacate premises. These actions have sparked resentment within the Indo-Canadian community toward these students, emphasizing the urgency of addressing this issue effectively.

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce’s proactive efforts to raise awareness about Canadian laws and enhance safety measures for Indian students exemplify their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the welfare of these individuals.


Collaborating closely with the immigration minister and Canadian colleges, the ICCC aims to bridge the information gap, creating an environment that promotes adherence to local laws and ensuring a secure and positive experience for all international students in Canada.

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