Indian Railways To Start 71 Unreserved Trains From April 05: Check Full List


Railways Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday announced that the Indian Railways will start the services of 71 unreserved mail and express trains from Monday (05 April 2021). Goyal in a tweet also said these trains will ensure a safe and comfortable journey for the passengers.

A weekly, Rajdhani Superfast Special train will also be run between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Secunderabad from Sunday.

The Northern Railway zone, for the convenience of railway passengers, is running the following unreserved mail and express trains across the Indian Railways network:

List of 71 Unreserved Mail And Express Trains

S. No.Train No. & NameStart Date
104335 Moradabad- Ghaziabad15.04.21
204336 Ghaziabad- Moradabad 15.04.21
304327 Sitapur City- Kanpur16.04.21
404328 Kanpur- Sitapur City17.04.21
504329 Sitapur City -Shahjehanpur17.04.21
604330 Shahjehanpur- Stapur City16.04.21
704334 Najibabad-Gajrola 15.04.21
804333 Gajrola- Najibabad15.04.21
904523 Saharanpur-Nangaldam05.04.21
1004524 Nangaldam- Ambala06.04.21
1104532 Ambala-Saharanpur06.04.21
1204263 Varanasi- Sultanpur05.04.21
1304264 Sultanpur-Varanasi05.04.21
1404267 Varanasi- Pratapgarh05.04.21
1504268 Pratapgarh- Varanasi05.04.21
1604641Jalandhar City- Pathankot05.04.21
1704642 Pathankot- Jalandhar City06.04.21
1804626 Ferozpur- Ludhiana05.04.21
1904625 Ludhiana- Ferozpur05.04.21
2004627 Ferozpur- Fazilka05.04.21
2104628 Fazilka- Ferozpur06.04.21
2204629 Lidhiana- Lohain Khas05.04.21
2304630 LohianKhas- Ludhiana05.04.21
2404632 Fazilka- Bhatinda05.04.21
2504631 Bhatinda- Fazilka06.04.21
2604643 Ferozpur- Fazilka06.04.21
2704644 Fazilka- Ferozpur05.04.21
2804647 Pathankot- Baijnath Paprola05.04.21
2904648 Baijnath Paprola- Pathankot05.04.21
3004658 Ferozpur- Bhatinda06.04.21
3104657 Bhatinda- Ferozpur05.04.21
3204659 Amritsar- Pathankot05.04.21
3304460 Pathankpt- Amritsar06.04.21
3404461 Delhi- Rohtak05.04.21
3504462 Rohtak- Delhi05.04.21
3604456 Rohtak- Delhi05.04.21
3704455 NewDelhi-Ghaziabad05.04.21
3804469 Rewari- Delhi06.04.21
3904470 Delhi- Rewari05.04.21
4004430 Saharanpur- Shamli-Delhi05.04.21
4104429 Delhi-Shamli-Saharanpur05.04.21
4204452 Kurukshetra- Delhi05.04.21
4304451 Delhi- Panipat05.04.21
4404453 NewDelhi- Rohtak05.04.21
4504454 Rohtak- NewDelhi05.04.21
4604450 Panipat- NewDelhi05.04.21
4704449 NewDelhi- Kurukshetra05.04.21
4804437 Palwal- Shakurbasti05.04.21
4904457 Rohtak- Delhi05.04.21
5004447 Ghaziabad- NewDelhi05.04.21
5104438 New Delhi- Palwal05.04.21
5204439 Palwal- Ghaziabad05.04.21
5304435 Rewari- Meerut Cantt05.04.21
5404436 Meerut Cantt- Rewari05.04.21
5504441 Ghaziabad- NewDelhi05.04.21
5604442 NewDelhi- Ghaziabad06.04.21
5704440 NewDelhi- Palwal06.04.21
5804446 Shakurbasti- Palwal05.04.21
5904445 Palwal- New Delhi05.04.21
6004465 Delhi- Shamli05.04.21
6104446 Shamli- Delhi05.04.21
6204433 Delhi- Rewari 05.04.21
6304434 Rewari- Delhi05.04.21
6404432 Jakhal- Delhi05.04.21
6504431 Delhi- Jalhal05.04.21
6604471 Ghaziabad- Panipat05.04.21
6704472 Panipat-Gjhaziabaz06.04.21
6804459 Delhi- Saharanpur05.04.21
6904460 Saharanpur- Delhi05.04.21
7004444 NewDelhi- Ghaziabad05.04.21
7104443 Ghaziabad- NewDelhi05.04.21

As per a report of PTI, the Railways is likely to restore its train services to pre-COVID levels over the next two months, provided the state governments give their nod and the coronavirus pandemic is under control.


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