Indian Railways To Run 23 Festive Special Trains: Check Full List


In a bid to cater to the high festive season demand, the Indian Railways has decided to run 23 more festive special trains.

Chief Public Relations Officer Deepak Kumar said in a statement that in view of the upcoming festivals, the Railways will operate special trains for various destinations. 

Special trains will be run to cater to the growing demand during the ensuing holiday period of Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, and Chhatt Puja.

The normal operation of the Indian Railways has been shut since the Centre announced the first lockdown in the month of March in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the last few months, the railways resumed the operation of a limited number of trains to cater to the demand of the public as well as migrant workers.

But with the start of the festive season, the railways have decided to run some special as well as clone trains during this period.

Here is the list of all 23 festive special trains operated by Indian Railways;

  1. 04404/04403 Anand Vihar Terminal-Bhagalpur-Anand Vihar Terminal Super Fast Special
  2. 04406/04405 New Delhi-Barauni-New Delhi Super Fast Special
  3. 04408/04407 New Delhi-Darbhanga-New Delhi Super Fast Special
  4. 04092/04091 New Delhi-Jayanagar-New Delhi Express Special
  5. 04030/04029 Delhi-Muzaffarpur-Delhi Bi-Weekly Super Fast Special Express
  6. 04410/04409 New Delhi-Patna-New Delhi Super Fast Special Express
  7. 04412/04411 Delhi Jn – Saharsa – Delhi Jn Bi-weekly Super Fast Special Express
  8. 04624/04623 Amritsar-Saharsa-Amritsar Bi-Weekly Super Fast Special Express
  9. 02422/02421 Jammu-Ajmer-Jammu-Jammu Super Fast Express Special (Daily)
  10. 02237/02238 Varanasi-Jammuutvi-Varanasi Super Fast Special Train (Daily)
  11. 04041/04042 Delhi Jn-Dehradun-Delhi Jn Express Special
  12. 02231/02232 Lucknow-Chandigarh-Lucknow Weekly Super Fast Express Special Train (Daily)
  13. 02448/02447 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Manikpur-Hazrat Nizamuddin Super Fast Special (Daily)
  14. 04503/04504 Kalka-Shimla-Kalka Express Special (Daily)
  15. 09717/09718 Jaipur-Daulatpur Chowk-Jaipur Special Express (3 days a week)
  16. 04887/04888 Badmer-Rishikesh-Badmer Special Express (Daily)
  17. 04519/04520 Delhi Jn-Bathinda-Delhi Jn Special (Daily)
  18. 02471/02472 Sriganganagar – Delhi Jn – Sriganganagar Special (Daily)
  19. 09611/09612 Ajmer-Amritsar-Ajmer Express Special
  20. 09613/09614 Ajmer-Amritsar-Ajmer Express Special (2 days a week)
  21. 02191/02192 Jabalpur-Haridwar-Jabalpur Super Fast Express Special (weekly)
  22. 02530/02529 Lucknow-Pataliputra- Lucknow Super Fast Express Special (5 days a week)
  23. 02165/02166 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Gorakhupar – Lokmanya Tilak Super Fast Express Special (2 days a week)

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