Indian Railways Resumes Providing Linen, Blankets Inside Trains With Immediate Effect


The Railways issued orders on Thursday to resume the service of providing linen, blankets, and also allow the use of curtains inside trains with immediate effect and the same may be provided as per applicability during the pre-Covid period.

In view of Pandemic and Covid Protocol due to Covid-19, Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) for movement of passengers by trains was issued which imposed the restriction on linen, blankets, and curtains inside trains and Passengers were advised to bring their own blankets on long journeys.

The Railway Board in an order issued to general managers of all railway zones stated that delivery of these supplies will restart immediately.

The linens provided by Indian Railways will include pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels in a sealed cover.


Railways, which had also suspended the service of providing meals and most of its concessions on tickets, has reintroduced the majority of the facilities. However, the concessions on tickets for passengers remain suspended.

The Indian Railways had instructed that the minimum temperature in train coaches should be set at 24-25 degrees Celsius.

However, the Railways had made plans to supply blankets to passengers on demand, and some bedsheets were kept on hand in case of an emergency.

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