Indian Railways Issues Clarification About Supply of Linen, Blankets In Trains


The Ministry of Railways on Wednesday issues a clarification about the supply of linen, blankets, and allow the use of curtains inside trains after some sections of the media have reported that Railway is not providing linen despite the withdrawal of restriction on linen with immediate effect.

notably, the Indian Railways has resumed the service of providing linen, blankets, and also allow the use of curtains inside trains the same may be provided as per applicability during the pre-Covid period.

The linens provided by Indian Railways will include pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels in a sealed cover.

Clarification About Supply of Linen in Trains

The Railway Ministry in its clarification said;


It is informed for the guidance of all concerned that the supply of linen (Bed sheets, Blankets etc.) has been resumed by the Railways from the date the resumption of the same was notified. However, it is being done in a phased manner to ensure proper quality of linen.

This is because a sizeable amount of fresh linen is being procured as a lot of old stock has become unserviceable in the last two COVID years. Railways is working overtime to bring the service back to 100% as it was in Pre-COVID times.

It may be noted that Indian Railways, which had also suspended the service of providing meals and most of its concessions on tickets, has reintroduced the majority of the facilities. However, the concessions on tickets for passengers remain suspended.

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