Indian Railways Introduce Special Tejas Type Sleeper Coaches


Ministry of Railways have decided to replace the rake of Agartala – Anand Vihar Terminal Special Rajdhani Express with Tejas Sleeper coaches with upgraded facilities. It will offer better connectivity with National Capital.

Provided with smart features, the coaches of this New Sleeper Type Tejas Train will offer the best in class travel experience. The start of the Tejas service is planned for 15.02.21.

With the introduction of this modern Tejas Sleeper type train for a long-distance journey, the Indian Railway is making a paradigm shift in the travel experience for the passengers.

A new era of train travel experience with enhanced comfort is being rolled out with the introduction of Sleeper Type Tejas Trains. It is planned that 500 such Tejas type Sleeper coaches are manufactured at Integral Coach Factory (ICF) and Modern Coach Factory (MCF), production units of Indian Railways in the FY 21-22 which will gradually replace the premium long-distance trains over the Indian Railways network.

Indian Railways’s New Tejas Type Coaches

The features of Tejas type Sleeper coaches are as under:-

  • Automatic Plug Door: All main entrance doors are centralized controlled by Guard. The train will not start until all doors are closed.
  • Stainless Steel Under-frame:  Complete under-frame is of austenitic stainless steel (SS 201LN) which increases the life of the coach because of reduced corrosion.
  • Bio-Vacuum Toilet system:  Provides improved hygiene condition in the toilet due to improved flushing and also save water per flush.
  • Air Suspension Bogies: Provided with Air Spring Suspension in bogies to improve the comfort and ride quality of these coaches.
  • Fire Alarm, Detection, and Suppression system: All coaches are provided with an Automatic Fire Alarm and Detection System.
  • Smart Features: Provided with smart features processed by a centralized processing unit PICCU (Passenger information coach computing unit). The features are as follows:
    • PA/PIS (passenger announcement/passenger information system)
    • Digital destination board
    • CCTV- With day night vision capability, Facial recognition even in low light condition, Network Video Recorder.
    • Emergency Talkback for medical or security emergency
    • On-Board condition monitoring system for Bearing, Wheel,  to improve safety
    • HVAC- Air quality measurement for Air Conditioning system
    • Toilet Occupancy Sensor
    • Water level sensor to indicate water availability
  • Train Supervisor and Power car Monitoring system (Kiosk): 18.5” touch screen Kiosk is provided in each power car for monitoring the health of the complete rake and also used as a surveillance monitoring station. This LCD is connected to the PICCU system of the power car for visualization of the power car.
  • Improved Toilet Unit: Provided with touch-less fittings, Marble finish with an anti-graffiti coating, Gel coated shelf, New design dustbin, Door latch activated light, Engagement display.
  • Textured Exterior and Interior PVC Film:  Both exterior and interior, are provided with textured PVC film.
  • Improved interiors: Seats and berths having PU foam, provide better comfort to passengers.
  • Roller Blind on the window:  Instead of curtains roller blinds are provided for easy sanitization.
  • Mobile Charging points: Provided for each passenger.
  • Berth reading light: Provided for each passenger.
  • Upper berth climbing arrangement: Convenient upper berth arrangement.

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