Indian Railways announces timings of Fifteen pair of special trains

Passenger services on Indian Railways shall be partially restored w.e.f. from 12th May 2020 in a graded manner.

Ministry of Railways (MoR) in consultation with Ministry of Health & Family welfare (MoHFW) and Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has decided that train services on Indian Railways shall be partially restored w.e.f. from 12th May 2020 in a graded manner.

Fifteen pair of special trains (thirty trains) shall be operated w.e.f. 12-05-2020 as per the details (timings, frequency) given under:

S.No.Train NoFromDep.TimeToArr.TimeFrequency
102301Howrah1705New Delhi1000Daily
202302New Delhi1655Howrah0955Daily
302951Mumbai Central1730New Delhi0905Daily
402952New Delhi1655Mumbai Central0845Daily
502957Ahmedabad1820New Delhi0800Daily
602958New Delhi2025Ahmedabad1005Daily
702309Rajendranagar (T)1920New Delhi0740Daily
802310New Delhi1715Rajendranagar (T)0530Daily
902691Bengaluru2030New Delhi0555Daily
1002692New Delhi2115Bengaluru0640Daily
1102424New Delhi1645Dibrugarh0700Daily
1202423Dibrugarh2110New Delhi1015Daily
1302442New Delhi1600Bilaspur1200Biweekly
1402441Bilaspur1440New Delhi1055Biweekly
1502823Bhubaneswar1000New Delhi1045Daily
1602824New Delhi1705Bhubaneswar1725Daily
1702425New Delhi2110Jammu Tawi0545Daily
1802426Jammu Tawi2010New Delhi0500Daily
1902434New Delhi1600Chennai2040Biweekly
2002433Chennai0635New Delhi1030Biweekly
2102454New Delhi1530Ranchi1000Biweekly
2202453Ranchi1740New Delhi1055Biweekly
2302414New Delhi1125Madgaon1250Biweekly
2402413Madgaon1030New Delhi1240Biweekly
2502438New Delhi1600Secunderabad1400Weekly
2602437Secunderabad1315New Delhi1040Weekly
2702432New Delhi1125Thiruvananthapuram0525Triweekly
2802431Thiruvananthapuram1945New Delhi1240Triweekly
2902501Agartala1900New Delhi1120Weekly
3002502New Delhi1950Agartala1330Weekly

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