Indian High Commission Issues Advisory For Students Affected By Closure of 3 Colleges In Canada


The Indian high commission in Ottawa on Friday issued an advisory for Indian students affected by the abrupt closure of three institutions in Canada.

The three colleges;

  • M College in Montreal
  • CED College in Sherbrooke
  • CCSQ College in Longueil

had reportedly filed for creditor protection and blamed their financial crisis on the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.

The High Commission has been approached by several students from India who were enrolled in the three institutions run by Rising Phoenix International Inc, all in the province of Quebec, Canada, and who have been affected by the notice of closure of these institutions.


The Indian Embassy in its advisory said that it is in close contact with the federal government of Canada, the provincial government of Quebec province as well as elected Canadian representatives from the Indian community to provide support to the affected students and for the resolution of this issue.

The provincial government of Quebec has advised that the affected students may directly contact the institutions where they are registered, and in the event that they find any difficulty in reimbursement of their fees or transfer of fees, they may file a complaint with Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Quebec at – Complaints | Gouvernement du Québec (

The High Commission has also been informed that Canadian authorities are providing a grace period to students already present in Canada, enrolled in these colleges, to seek a change of their institute of learning and seek admission in alternative institution.

Should they require any immediate assistance, students from India, currently in Canada, affected by the closure of the three aforementioned colleges, may approach the Education Wing of the High Commission of India in Ottawa ( by addressing an email to [email protected] or the Consulate General of India in Toronto Consulate General of India, Toronto, Canada ( by addressing an email to [email protected].


Students from India planning higher studies in Canada are again advised to make thorough checks of the credentials and standing of the institution where they are seeking admission before making any payments to such institution.

Please demand certificate of recognition from Canadian Govt from the institute and verify that the institution selected is included in the list of designated learning institutions published on the Government of Canada website.

Students should not make any payments or reveal their personal information to any unverified person/ institution offering students visa on payment.

Students from India in Canada or those planning to travel to Canada are advised to register online with their nearest Indian Mission or Post on the MADAD portal at the following link – to enable dissemination of information and coordination during a disaster, emergency or other crises.


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