Indian Govt Releases List of State-wise Curfews Timings And Restrictions


The Govt of India Thursday released a list of restrictions and timings of night curfew in all the states and Union Territories.

As per the details shared by the Indian Govt. Several state like Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Puducherry have 11 pm to 5 am as their night curfew timings.

Similarly, states/UTs, including Delhi, Punjab, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, have their night curfew starting from 10 pm.

Below is the full list of State-wise timings and other restriction imposed in all states and Union Territories in India.


Curfews And Restrictions Across The Country

Andhra Pradesh11 pm to 5 am
Arunachal Pradesh9 pm to 5 am
Assam10 pm to 6 am
Bihar10 pm to 5 am
Chattisgarh9 pm to 6 am
GoaOutdoor gathering limited to 100 people. Only 50% capacity for indoor functions upto 50 people
Gujarat 10 pm to 6 am
Haryana11 pm to 5 am
Himachal Pradesh10 pm to 5 am
JharkhandShops closed after 8 PM
KarnatakaWeekend curfews 10 pm Friday to 5 am Monday
KeralaPublic events limited to 50 people
Madhya Pradesh11 pm to 5 am
Maharashtra11 pm to 5 am
Manipur9 pm to 4 am
Meghalaya10 pm to 5 am
Mizoram9 pm to 4 am
Nagaland10 pm to 4 am
Odisha9 pm to 5 am
Punjab10 pm to 5 am
Rajasthan11 pm to 5 am along with a weekend curfew
SikkimNo gatherings; cinema and restaurants to
work at 50% capacity
Tamil Nadu10 pm to 5 am and Iockdown on Sundays
TelanganaNo public gathering allowed
Tripura9 pm to 5 am
Uttar Pradesh10 pm to 6 am
Uttarakhand10 pm to 6 am
West Bengal10 pm to 5 am
Andaman and Nicobar Islands9 pm to 5 am
Chandigarh10 pm to 5 am
Delhi10 pm to 5 am along with weekend curfews
Jammu and Kashmir9 pm to 6 am
Ladakh10 pm to 5 am
Puducherry11 pm to 5 am
Lakshadweep9 pm to 6 am
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and DiuCrowding at the beach prohibited.
Schools closed

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