Indian Embassy In Kyiv Issues Advisory Asks Nationals to Leave Ukraine


The Indian embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, has asked Indian nationals to leave the country as soon as possible due to a new round of hostilities. In an advisory, the mission also advised Indian nationals not to travel to the Eastern European country.

“In view of the deteriorating security situation and recent escalation of hostilities across Ukraine, Indian nationals are advised against travelling to Ukraine,” the embassy said.

“The Indian citizens, including students, currently in Ukraine are advised to leave Ukraine at the earliest by available means,” it added.

Russia and Ukraine’s hostilities have escalated, with Moscow launching retaliatory missile strikes against various Ukrainian cities in response to a massive blast in Crimea nearly two weeks ago.

President Vladimir Putin declared martial law earlier on Wednesday in the four newly annexed regions of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, and Donetsk. The move indicated that Russia is tightening its grip on eastern Ukraine.

In the early stages of the war, India launched “Operation Ganga” to evacuate nearly 20,000 nationals from Ukraine. According to diplomatic sources, approximately 500 Indian citizens remain in Ukraine because they have “residency permits” for professional or familial reasons.

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