Indian Airlines Carried 1.29 Crore Passengers, Record Over 22% Increase in Domestic Traffic in April

Domestic airlines in India witnessed a significant surge in passenger numbers, with over 1.29 crore travelers in April 2023, reflecting a remarkable growth of more than 22% compared to the previous year. The DGCA's official data unveils valuable insights into on-time performance and market share trends among airlines.

According to official data released on Friday by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), domestic airlines in India carried a staggering 1.29 crore passengers in April. This represents a remarkable surge of more than 22% compared to the same period last year.

Despite this impressive growth, the total domestic air traffic for the month, which stood at 128.88 lacks, was slightly lower than the 128.93 lacks recorded in March.

The passenger count for April 2022 was 105.47 lakh, signifying a substantial increase in air travel over the course of one year.

January-April 2023 Witnesses Significant Annual Growth in Passenger Numbers

The DGCA report highlighted that from January to April 2023, the number of passengers carried by domestic airlines reached a remarkable 503.93 lakh, compared to 352.70 lahks during the same period in the previous year.


This notable increase of 42.88% signifies both the consistent growth of the aviation industry and the positive response from travellers. Additionally, the monthly growth rate for April was recorded at 22.20%.

On-Time Performance (OTP) Rankings Vary Among Airlines

The report also shed light on the on-time performance of various airlines in April. Akasa Air took the top spot with an impressive OTP of 94%, closely followed by Air India at 91.1% and IndiGo at 89.6%.

However, Go First, which suspended its flights starting May 3, experienced the lowest OTP with only 41.7% of flights operating on time.

Vistara achieved an OTP of 86.5%, while AirAsia India recorded 82.9%. SpiceJet’s OTP stood at 69.2%, and Alliance Air reported an OTP of 67.9%.


IndiGo Dominates Domestic Market Share in April

IndiGo maintained its strong position in the domestic market, with its market share increasing to 57.5% in April, up from 56.8% in the previous month. Conversely, Air India’s market share declined to 8.6% in April, compared to 8.8% in March, while Vistara experienced a slight decrease to 8.7% from 8.9% during the same period.

AirAsia India’s market share remained steady at 7.6% in April, while SpiceJet witnessed a decline to 5.8% from 6.4% in March. Similarly, Go First saw a decrease in its market share, dropping to 6.4% from 6.9%. Akasa Air, on the other hand, experienced growth, with its market share rising to 4% in April from 3.3% in March.

Alliance Air Reports Highest Cancellation Rate

In terms of cancellations, the overall cancellation rate for scheduled domestic airlines in April was 0.47%. Alliance Air had the highest cancellation rate among the airlines, at 7.55%.

These statistics provide valuable insights into the performance and trends within the domestic aviation sector. As passenger numbers continue to rise and airlines adapt to the evolving landscape, ensuring punctuality and maintaining customer satisfaction remain key priorities for the industry.


Please note that the information presented in this article is based on official data released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and represents the situation in April 2023.

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