India Urges UAE To Remove Rapid PCR Test Requirement At Airport


The Indian Govt has requested the health authorities of the UAE to remove the coronavirus Rapid PCR test requirement at the airport.

It’s worth mentioning here that as per the current rules, all passengers traveling to the UAE have to arrive six hours before at the airport to get their Rapid PCR test done.

India said that UAE Govt is already in talks with its health authorities on the issue.

The Indian Ambassador to UAE Pavan Kapoor said that the high cost of the Rapid PCR test at the airport is also an issue often raised by passengers traveling to the UAE.


“We have formally taken it up with the UAE government. We have told them given the level of vaccination in India, given the low level of COVID-19 cases now and the fact that these vaccines are recognized now, we have suggested that they should try and remove this Rapid PCR requirement at the airport. We think it is in keeping with the situation.

“They promised to take it up with national NCEMA (National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority), the national health authority which will take the final call on this matter. So we are hopeful that there will be serious consideration about this.”

External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar reached Dubai this morning to attend the Bani Yas Forum. He visited the India pavilion at the Dubai Expo. He indicated that scheduled flights in full strength between India and UAE may begin.


EAM Jaishankar said, “I would say in terms of airlines issue part of it was people are very careful, the bubble arrangements, you know scheduled flights have been not operating for some time, so we are moving towards the resumption of scheduled flights. That is the call that the civil aviation ministry will take. What I can tell you from my perspective is that the move towards the resumption of scheduled flights is progressing.”

He further said, “Today we have 97 countries which fall in category ‘A’ list. To my mind that itself is a step towards normalcy. Obviously, that had to happen before the airline expanded. Airline policy cannot be taken for one destination or one event. I know civil aviation ministry is now looking at now as travel is easing up vaccinated people can move and there is understanding to make the move.”

S Jaishankar also said that in India, Covid and economic recoveries are taking place and the year has been good for the trade. He said that there is optimism on the street and it is not just pent-up growth but it is continuing.

(With Inputs From ANI)


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