India to get its First Underwater Metro Train


Kolkata Metro, India’s first rail network, is once again on the way to writing its name in the history of India. Inspired by the European underwater tunnel, the state will build India’s first underwater metro tunnel by March 2022 as part of its east-west metro project after the costs have been delayed and doubled by several years.

Manas Sarkar, the managing director of KMRC, said that a final installment of 200 million rupees is expected to be received from the Indian Railway Authority in the next two years to complete the project! Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd, a subsidiary of the Indian government, is leading the project.


What’s in it for travelers?

This project is expected to reduce travel costs and travel time in the most populous areas of Kolkata. However, the underwater tunnel will be the main attraction and offer a unique travel experience that will also be the first of its kind in India!

How is the route?

The project aims to connect two major Indian Railway stations, Howrah Junction Station (HWH) and Sealdah Station (SDAH), via the Kolkata Metro network. The Kolkata Metro east-west line will run between Howrah and Mahakaran metro stations, keeping all commuters underwater for about a minute. The train w is likely to run at a speed of 80 km/h.


Key Points!

  • After completion, the 16.6 km Kolkata East-West subway line will carry an estimated 10 lakh people per day.
  • The underwater trip takes place 30 meters below the Hooghly River, a tributary of the Ganga River.
  • The journey begins through 520-meter-long twin tunnels, with one tunnel leading east and the other west.
  • The Kolkata Metro’s 16.6 km east-west corridor will consist of a 5.8 km long elevated section, while 10.8 km will be the underground corridor.

List of Underwater metro stations

The elevated stations of the Kolkata Metro East-West Corridor are located around

  1. Sector V Station
  2. Karunamoyee Station
  3. Central Park Station
  4. City Center Station
  5. Bengal Chemical Station and
  6. Saltlake Stadium Station.

The underground corridor has stations in

  1. Phoolbagan
  2. Sealdah
  3. Esplanade
  4. Mahakaran
  5. Howrah and
  6. Howrah Maidan.

Is the underwater train safe?

Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (KMRC) has ensured that the latest technology is used, which does not cause traffic disruptions and is the epitome of the development and improvement of the country. The Earth Pressure Compensation Tunnel Boring Machines ensure the smooth running of processes underwater and for people on the ground as soon as the project is put into operation.

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