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India Reinstated 5-Year e-Tourist Visa For Visitors From 156 Countries, 10-Year Visa For USA, Japan Nationals


The Government of India has reinstated the 5-year e-Tourist visa for visitors of 156 countries and regular paper visas for all countries with immediate effect, both visas were suspended since March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Indian government has also restored the previous long-term normal (paper) tourist visa with a 5-year validity period, which is available to citizens of all nations.

Likewise, the govt has confirmed that the long-term (10-year) regular tourist visas for citizens of the United States and Japan have also been reinstated.

According to the Ministry of Home and Affairs;


“The government took the step keeping in view the improvement in the Covid-19 situation in the country and considering the need for further relaxation of visa and travel restrictions.”

As per the Visa Manual 2019, nationals of these 156 countries will also be eligible for the granting of new e-tourist visas.

Currently, valid standard (paper) tourist visas with a 5-year validity period issued to foreign people of all nations, which have been suspended since March 2020, will be reinstated.

According to the official, new regular (paper) tourist visas with a validity of up to five years would be issued to nationals of the eligible countries, subject to the restrictions imposed from time to time.


Currently, valid old long-term (10-year) normal tourist visas, which have been suspended since March 2020, will be reinstated for nationals of the United States and Japan.

Foreign nationals on tourist and e-tourist visas will be able to enter India only through designated Sea Immigration Check Posts (IPs) or Airport ICPs via flights, including those under the ‘Vande Bharat Mission’ or ‘air bubble’ scheme, or through any flights permitted by the DGCA or Ministry of Civil Aviation.

In no situation will foreign citizens be permitted to enter via a land border or riverine channels on a tourist visa or an e-tourist visa.

According to the official, the government instructions will not apply to Afghan nationals, who will continue to be governed by separate instructions given by the Union home ministry regarding the award of -e-Emergency X-Misc visas.


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