India-Maldives Flight Schedule And Quarantine Rules


As flights are finally flying between India and Maldives after months of the shutdown, the schedule for flights between the two countries has released by the officials.

  • The Air India 236 flight to the Maldives from Thiruvananthapuram to Male is scheduled to depart on Tuesdays at 13:15 hours and it will arrive at Male airport at 13:55 hours. The flight will fly once a week.
  • And, the Air India 264 flight will depart from Male at 15:00 hours and will arrive at Thiruvananthapuram airport at 16:50 hours.

Moreover, the air travel bubble is designed to allow tourists from India to travel to the Maldives, where appropriate measures have been taken to minimize the risk of coronavirus.

As per Maldives quarantine rules, asymptomatic travelers do not need to go into quarantine upon arrival.

Plus, passengers are also not asked to take tests prior to your arrival.


However, those who show symptoms of COVID-19 must take the test. And after your return to India, you may need to undergo institutional or domestic quarantine.

A report also said that Mumbai and Delhi will not ask you to go into the 7-day institutional quarantine in case you have a negative Covid-19 report.

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