India Introduces Free 30-Day Double Entry e-Tourist Visa for Malaysians

Fantastic news for Malaysians looking to explore India! The Indian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur is offering a free 30-day e-Tourist visa with double entry, valid until June 30, 2025.

In a significant boost to tourism, the High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur has launched a new visa initiative aimed at Malaysian travellers. Starting from July 1, 2024, Malaysian nationals can now apply for a 30-day e-Tourist visa, free of charge, with the option for double entry. This initiative is set to continue until June 30, 2025.

Key Details of Free e-Tourist Visa

1. Free e-Tourist Visa: Malaysian nationals can avail of a 30-day e-Tourist visa at no cost. This visa allows for double entry, making it ideal for travellers who plan multiple short trips to India within 30 days.

2. Application Process: The e-Tourist visa can be easily applied for online via the official Indian government website at

3. Validity Period: This free visa offer is available for applications from July 1, 2024, and will remain in effect until June 30, 2025.


Specifics and Limitations

Free Only for e-Tourist Visa: The no-fee policy applies exclusively to the 30-day e-Tourist visa with double entry. Other e-visa categories, such as e-Business, e-Conference, e-Medical, e-Medical Attendant, e-Ayush, and e-Emergency X Miscellaneous, will still incur standard visa fees.

Existing Rules Apply: Current regulations for e-Tourist visas and other visa categories will continue as per the guidelines on the official Indian visa website.

Paper Visa Fees Unchanged: Applicants who choose traditional paper visas through the outsourced service provider or apply directly via the High Commission must still pay the standard visa fees.

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How to Apply

The application process for an India e-Tourist visa is convenient and entirely online. Interested travellers can submit their applications online through the Indian visa website and follow the instructions. Upon approval, the e-Tourist visa should be utilized within 120 days.

Impact on Travel and Tourism

This new free visa initiative will enhance travel convenience and promote tourism between Malaysia and India. Previously, Malaysian travellers had to pay RM465 (approximately US$98) for an e-visa. The gratis visa is a part of India’s broader strategy to attract tourists and strengthen bilateral ties with Malaysia.

Planning Your Trip to India

With this free visa offer, exploring the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine of India is now easier and more affordable than ever for Malaysians. So, start planning your dream trip to India and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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