India Ends Requirement of Air Suvidha Form for International Arrivals


In a major relief to international passengers arriving in India, the Union Health Ministry on Monday ends the requirement of uploading self-declaration forms on the Air Suvidha portal.

The revised order takes effect on November 22. Till now all international passengers arriving in India were required to fill out the Air Suvidha form, which asked questions about recent travel, current health, and other topics.

The announcement from the Civil Aviation ministry read, “In the light of sustained declining COVID-19 trajectory and significant advances being made in COVID-19 vaccination coverage both globally as well as in India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has issued revised ‘Guidelines for International Arrivals.”

Air Suvidha portal stand discontinued

It is worth noting here that recently, India has also eased the mask requirement for all domestic and international travellers and said all passengers should preferably wear masks/face covers, but there will be no fines or penalties for pax who do not wear masks during the flight.


Revised Guidelines for International Arrivals

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has also issued revised guidelines for international arrivals, stating, “All travellers should preferably be fully vaccinated as per the approved primary schedule of vaccination against Covid-19 in their country.”

Here are seven key points from India’s most recent guidelines for international visitors.

1. All passengers must be fully vaccinated according to the approved primary schedule of vaccination against Covid-19 in their country.

2. As per the standard protocol, any Traveller showing any symptoms of Covid-19 symptoms while travelling shall be isolated.


3. The said person must be wearing a mask, isolated from the other passengers who are travelling in the flight and moved to an isolated facility subsequently for follow-up treatment.

4. The de-boarding should also be done following social distancing.

5. The health officials present at the point of entry should do the thermal screening of all the passengers.

6. The passengers if found symptomatic during screening must be isolated immediately and given proper medical facility as per health protocol.


7. All travellers should also self-monitor their health after arrival and also shall report to the nearest health facility.

Revised Guidelines for International Arrivals

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