Hyderabad airport ranked 8th best in the world. 2019


In the list of world’s best airports -The first spot is clenched by Doha’s Hamad International airport, followed by Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport and Athens’ International Airport in the second and third spots. The 8th best international airport in the list is Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Singapore’s Changi Airport, which has been hailed as one of the newest state-of-art airports in the world and the airport facility at Hyderabad is ranked right after it. In fact, Changi has created quite a stir in the travelers’ circle and is considered as much an attraction as an airport. The Hamad International Airport received 8.39 out of 10 while Hyderabad airport received a rating of 8.27 out of 10.

The survey was conducted by taking into account two parameters—On-time Performance and Service Quality are the two parameters that are taken into consideration when the survey was conducted. A number of factors were taken into consideration to gauge Service Quality, including cleanliness, eating, and shopping joints, and more at the airports. Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport ranked quite high on all the fronts. Back in 2017, it was also recognized as Asia Pacific’s first airport to turn carbon neutral.

Lisbon’s Portela Airport and the Kuwait International Airport are considered as the worst airports as per the survey findings

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