How Travel and BetterHelp Can Help Social Anxiety


Traveling can be an exhilarating experience for many of us. However, some individuals struggle with mental health issues, and travel isn’t as satisfying. When you struggle with anxiety, it can be challenging to separate from familiar surroundings. Social anxiety can make a person feel fearful of experiencing social situations. When you’re traveling, you don’t have the opportunity to control who you’re around in an airport, on a bus, or riding a train. However, there are ways that travel can actually help people who struggle with social anxiety. Social anxiety doesn’t have to make you feel lonely or isolated. Here’s how travel supports people in learning to tolerate being around others.

Acceptance of your circumstances

Part of social anxiety is being fearful of accepting your situation. When you’re on a plane, you can’t get off. You’re stuck there for the duration of the flight. But it can be a time to work through that social anxiety. Accept the fact that you’re on the plane, and find ways to enjoy yourself. Remember, you don’t have to talk to anyone you don’t know. But, being around others can help you learn to tolerate social anxiety. You can appreciate the things you have access to, such as movies or TV shows on the plane. If it helps you to listen to music on the flight, that can help too. But, trying to escape circumstances that you have no control over isn’t realistic. Accept the fact that you’re traveling and make the best of it.


Be prepared

One thing that can help alleviate your social anxiety is to be prepared. It’s crucial to know where your essential items are, so you don’t have to struggle to find things. Make sure you have your ticket, your bags are packed, and you have some objects that make you feel secure. Maybe that’s a special pillow, or perhaps you have a fidget toy to help cope with anxious moments. Fidgets can help people calm their anxious minds even if they’re panicking. If you’re struggling with social anxiety, it helps to feel like things are in order.

Appreciate the positive

There are a lot of positive aspects of traveling, even for those who are anxious to embark on a journey. Imagine you’re in an airport and there’s a food court. It’s okay to treat yourself to a delicious sandwich, burger, pizza, or salad. That’s a positive aspect of being in the airport is not having to prepare food. You might meet one person in the line that you can joke around with while you’re waiting for your food. Sometimes it can help to focus on one individual rather than getting overwhelmed by all the travelers. You might be surprised at the fun conversations you can have with people you’ve just met. And, the great thing is, since you’re catching a flight, the dialogue is time-limited. You’re not stuck speaking to them because you have places to be, and so do they. Appreciate the positive aspects of being at the airport, and you’ll feel better.


Reward yourself when you get to your destination

Going on a trip can be challenging for those with social anxiety. If you struggle with the condition, it’s crucial to reward yourself when you arrive at your destination. You’ve done hard work by leaving your comfortable home and embarking on a trip. Congratulate yourself on doing something that you may not have imagined yourself being able to do. If you have an upcoming trip, and you’re concerned about it, due to social anxiety, you can remind yourself that there’s an endpoint to your journey. And you will eventually be able to arrive home, and that could be your reward.

Online therapy for social anxiety

Online counseling is an excellent place to discuss social anxiety and travel. You can learn more about online therapy by checking out the company’s social media profiles, such as BetterHelp. If you’re unsure about how useful online therapy is, you can read reviews by people who have tried the service. Social anxiety doesn’t have to prevent you from living your life. You can take trips and have new experiences. Consider connecting with a therapist to combat your social anxiety.

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