How to choose the best B2B Travel Portal or Vendor.


Nowadays a lot of B2B travel portals are present in the market and agent may confuse how to choose the best B2B Travel Portal or Vendor for their travel agency. Most travel agents are only checking prices and deals provided by Portal/Vendor but it is not enough so here we prepare a guideline for every travel agent which can help to select right B2B Travel portal for your travel agency. 


If you are a start-up or new in Travel Business always prefer to choose Portal/vendor who has India office and would be better, if it is your own city. Such Portals/Vendors can help you out immediately whenever you need.


The most important thing is to always to check what kind of support the Portal/Vendor is offering. You must check all three levels before, during and after sales support. Prefer to work with one who has a local sales representative and also offers 24×7 supports.

Credit Policy

It is very important to check the credit policy of the Portal/Vendor. If you are new in Travel Business or a startup company you might face a shortage of funds and so you must try to find the Portal/Vendor who has flexible credit policy and offer a credit line to you by the time a relationship & trust grows both will be benefited.


Response Time

Travel and Tourism sector is very dynamic in nature and response time is very important to convert leads into sales. So always check the response time of Portal/Vendor.

Technical Support

If you have planned to take your Travel Agency/Start-up online by launching your own Whitelabel or Portal you must check whether the Portal/Vendor has enough technical expertise to help in the process.


Before finalizing anything you should also check how the accounting of Portal/Vendor works, how they accept payments, how they settle payments do they charge ant fees on Online Payments. And in case of credit do they charge any Interest on late payments.

By following all these steps you can choose the best B2B Travel Portal or Vendor for your travel agency or start-up and this will surely help you to grow your business and achieve your goals.


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