Hotels, Restaurants & Hospitality Services To Open From 8 June


The Ministry of Home Affairs on Saturday has issued revised guidelines for Lockdown 5.0 for reopening of activities outside containment zones across India.

In the latest guidelines for lockdown5 or Unlock1 MHA has gives permission to open hotel, restaurant and hospitality services in the tourism sector from 8th June 2020 in a phased manner.

The ministry of tourism will issue post lockdown protocols/guidelines to restart Hotels, restaurant and other hospitality services in the country.


On Friday Tourism Minister Prahlad Patel met a delegation of leading online travel agents (OTAs) of the country to discuss calibrated opening of hotels and accommodation units and issuing post-lockdown protocols for travel-related activities.

The delegation requested Tourism Minister Patel to liberalise the ministry”s OTA 2018 guidelines by making it simple and “based on principle of self-certification” powered with industry-driven quality assurance and grievance redressal system

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