Hotels In Mussoorie Remain Shut Till June 30


Mussoorie Hotels Association (MHA) In a meeting held on Friday, has issued an advisory to all members advising them not to open the hotels till June 30.

The hotels association claim that the hill town will not witness much tourist footfall till the end of the month as the state government has made it mandatory for tourists to undergo quarantine upon arrival in hill resorts.

“We have issued an advisory to hoteliers to keep their establishments closed till June 30. Any further decision would be taken after a review,” told MHA secretary Sanjay Aggarwal while adding that June used to be the peak tourist season.

He, however, added that this advisory does not restrict any hotelier from opening their establishment provided they follow the Covid-19 norms laid down by the government.


Meanwhile, local traders say that with hotels remaining shut and lack of tourists, there is bound to be very little business for traders during this period.

“Tourism activity during June will dip as the hotels are shut,” remarked Jageet Kukreja, secretary of Mussoorie Traders Association. He informed that even after opening shops, the traders have suffered huge losses in revenue.

“The worst affected are garment shops, gift shops, footwear stores, and other shops selling non-essential items,” Kukreja said.

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