Hong Kong Suspends Flights From India, US, UK, Five Other Countries Starting Jan 8


In a bid to contain an Omicron outbreak in the city, the Hong Kong authorities have decided to suspend all inbound flights from eight countries starting January 8.

As per the details shared by the Hong Kong authorities, it has banned all incoming flights from;

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • United Kingdom and
  • United States

It may be noted that Hong Kong has banned at least 24 routes in less than six weeks as the city saw a surge in Covid-19 cases.

The recent ban was announced after three passengers were found infected with Covid-19 aboard an incoming flight from South Korea’s Seoul.


“Passenger flights from these countries will not be allowed to land in Hong Kong and individuals who have stayed in those countries are not allowed to board flights to Hong Kong, including transit flights.”

According to news agency AFP, Hong Kong remained virus-free throughout most part of 2021 and premier Carrie Lam in an announcement said the ban was necessary to contain the outbreak.

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Manish Khandelwal
Manish Khandelwal

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