Hong Kong Bans Flights From India And Two Other Countries For 2 Weeks


Hong Kong on Sunday suspends all flights from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines for two weeks starting from 20th April 2021.

The decision comes after the N501Y mutant of Covid-19 strain was found there for the first time, the aviation authorities said in a statement on Sunday.

According to an official release, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines have been classified as “extremely high-risk” after there had been multiple imported cases carrying the strain into Hong Kong in the past 14 days

As per some media reports, a total of 50 passengers of two Vistara flights this month were found positive for Covid-19 when tested on arrival.


Till Sunday, a total of 47 passengers who were on Vistara’s Delhi-Hong Kong flight of April 4 has tested positive for Covid-19 in Hong Kong.

On Sunday three more passengers on Vistara’s Mumbai-Hong Kong flight Sunday tested positive for Covid-19 on arrival.

It must be noted that Vistara’s flights on the Delhi-Hong Kong route had earlier been banned from April 6 to April 19.

Hong Kong on Sunday has reported 30 new cases of coronavirus, 29 of which were imported, marking the highest daily toll since March 15. Hong Kong has recorded over 11,600 cases in total and 209 deaths.


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