Here’s How the UAE’s New Visa Rules Will Benefit Foreign Travellers


You may be aware that the UAE has recently announced new entry permits and visa rules, which have many advantages for Indians and other international visitors. This advanced visa system, announced last month, went into effect on October 3.

Notably, The UAE cabinet approved the changes in April, and the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) announced them last month.

The new rules may have a significant impact on both international tourists and those wishing to work or live in the UAE.

The benefit of UAE’s New Visa Rules for Travellers

Here are the top three changes brought about by the UAE’s new advanced visa system that will be most beneficial to travellers.


1. Visit Visa

According to the UAE’s new visa regulations, visitors with tourist visas can stay in the Emirates for up to 60 days. It used to be 30 days earlier.

Visitors can also stay in the UAE for up to 90 days straight with a five-year multi-entry tourist visa.

Professionals will be able to look for employment opportunities in the UAE without a sponsor or host thanks to the new job exploration visa. The visa will be issued for periods of 60, 90, and 120 days each, giving job seekers up to four months to research the job market in the UAE.

2. Green/Residence Visa

The Green visa of the United Arab Emirates is a type of residence visa that allowed the holder has five years of self-sponsorship. They are not dependent on an employer or an individual from the UAE to sponsor their visa.


Foreign travellers will be able to sponsor themselves under the five-year green visa without the assistance of UAE citizens or their employers. This visa is open to investors, skilled workers, and independent contractors.

A period of up to six months will be provided if a green card holder’s permit expires.

3. Golden Visa

A long-term residency visa known as the “Golden visa” allows foreign nationals to live, work, and study in the United Arab Emirates for up to ten years.

The golden visa also offers a 10-year extended residency option. Golden visas are available to investors, business owners, and people with exceptional talent. The benefit of having full ownership of their companies will be available to workers with golden visas.


UAE Starts Issuing 60-day Visit Visas

As previously stated, the new visa rules went into effect on October 3, and the country began issuing visas in accordance with the new rules. A travel agent based in the UAE has confirmed that the Emirates has begun issuing the new 60-day visit visas.

“We were among the first to obtain a 60-day visit visa for a client. We are currently charging Dh500 for it,” the travel agent stated.

Other travel agencies have also confirmed that the 60-day visit visas have been issued, “We were successful in obtaining a two-month visit visa for our client. There is a slight price difference between a children’s visa and a 30-day visa.”

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