How to Get a Non-Ticketing IATA Code (TIDS) for Free In 2023

Are you a part of the travel industry and interested in obtaining the Non-Ticketing IATA Code (TIDS) Travel Industry Designator Service without spending a dime? Look no further! In this article, we'll guide you through the process of getting the TIDS code for free in 2023.

Do you know that you can get your unique non-ticketing IATA code for your travel businesses? This non-ticketing IATA code is also known as TIDS which stands for ‘Travel Industry Designator Service’.

The agency identification program allows the bookings of travel sales intermediaries to be recognized by industry suppliers from airlines, hotel & resort chains, cruise lines, car rental companies, theme parks, and rail companies. TIDS, the simplified way to book travel and receive commissions.

What is TIDS?

TIDS (Travel Industry Designator Service) is an IATA program that provides travel agents and sales intermediaries with a unique Industry Code: The IATA/TIDS Numeric Code.

This unique Industry Code facilitates the identification of travel sellers and their bookings in reservation systems worldwide. The IATA TIDS Program is available globally except in the USA.


All You Need To Know About TIDS

The TIDS code is designed especially for travel agents that, despite not ticketing, do make reservations and bookings for their clients with travel industry suppliers such as hotels, car hire, rail, ferries, airlines, conferences/events, etc.

TIDS speeds up and simplifies reservations processing, as it identifies you as the booking source from the very first reservation.

This unique number ensures proper identification of the agent and their bookings in electronic reservation systems worldwide with a standard numeric code.

Equally the unique TIDS identification allocated to an agency’s place of business reduces the risk of duplication of reservation numbers, avoids the consequences of invalid or rejected bookings, and secures any commercial arrangements with industry suppliers.


If you have several agency locations, they may all use the same TIDS Code. However, if you wish to be able to differentiate between locations or different offices, then you may apply for additional TIDS Codes. One Application Form should be completed for each branch location.

Once you become a TIDS code holder, your staff may apply for an industry ID Card.

IATA TIDS is free of charge** from September 1, 2020.

Application Requirements For IARA TIDS

  • Documentation supporting the legal form of business and ownership of the business entity (Establishment Certificate scan copy)
  • A copy of the business registration including tax registration/other business registration number (GST certificate pdf file)
  • A bank letter or statement of account in the name of the business (Bank Statement last 1 month pdf file)
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from an IATA Airline member, GDS (i.e. Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan) or major travel industry suppliers (i.e. hotels, car rentals…)
  • A signed copy of the  TIDS Terms and Conditions – just stamp and sign the 4th page, no need to fill the entire form.

Submit it along with supporting documents on the IATA Customer Portal. IATA Customer Portal Instructions: Link:


Steps to Follow

  • Registration: you must register in order to have access.
  • Login: Once logged in, follow below instructions to create a case:
    • Click on Contact Support
    • Click on Create Query
    • For “Topic”, select “Accredited Travel Agent”
    • For “I need help with”, select “TIDS – Travel Industry Designator Service”
  • Note: Remember to attach supporting documents with the completed application form

(Special thanks to Mahip Agarwal, Uniko Eurotime ApS for providing the information)

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