Heavy Turbulence Hits Vistara Flight, Several Passengers Injured


Vistara’s UK775 which left from Mumbai International at 2.05 pm, faced heavy turbulence about 15 minutes before landing at the Kolkata airport.

In this disturbing incident at least eight passengers have suffered injuries, out of which three have reported major injuries. While those who suffered minor injuries were tested at the airport medical centre, the three severely injured were shifted into Charnok Hospital in Kolkata.

An official statement issued by Vistara airlines said the June 7 Mumbai-Kolkata flight encountered severe turbulence 15 minutes before landing, which caused injuries to a few of its passengers.

“According to preliminary reports, the turbulence caused injuries to a few passengers, who were provided first aid during flight and immediate medical assistance upon arrival in Kolkata,” a Vistara spokesperson said.


“We are saddened by this unfortunate experience our customers had, and are closely monitoring the health status of those injured. We are investigating the incident on priority, and will share a further update at the earliest,” the spokesperson added.

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