Govt to reward travellers visiting 15 domestic destinations in a year


The Indian government is looking to offer more power (Reward 🙂 ) to Indian travelers, who explore 15 domestic travel destinations during a year.

How? As per the Union Tourism Minister, Mr. Prahlad Singh Patel, the govt of India is planning to will sponsor their travel expenses as an incentive. Call it a reward!

The Union Tourism Minister said so during a statement during the concluding ceremony of the National Tourism Conference that was organized by the Odisha government.

The campaign is being called Dekho Apna Desh, the link to which is on the official website. Here, travelers can pledge to visit 15 locations in India by 2022. according to the minister, the Tourism Ministry will lookout of the travel expenses of those, who visit 15 domestic destinations in India within a year’s time. For this, you’d need to submit photos on the website.

However, there’s a condition too. you’ll need to get out of your own state and visit 15 locations.

This, however, shouldn’t be seen as a monetary benefit, but only as an incentive, as a reward. Those travelers are going to be declared brand ambassadors of Indian tourism, and that in itself is a great honor. At the National Tourism Conference, it was also said that the Konark Temple is going to be inducted within the list of iconic sites soon, and a special event is going to be held to announce the same.

Furthermore, you’d be glad to know that the Ministry of Tourism is continuously organizing certificate programs for those that would really like to work as tourist guides. So, those interested can take these certificate programs.

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