Google travel site now shows you the best time to travel, based on weather, crowds and prices


Earlier this month Google has updated its travel site with amazing features that will provide you more information about the destination where you’re planning to take your next holiday trip.

Google Travel Site new feature will show you, for example, the cheapest and most expensive times of the year at your destination, as well as the typical weather in that place.

If you’re thinking about a vacation during the summer and want to travel somewhere sunny but not too hot, and also want to see the months when it’s cheapest to do so, you can do that using Google’s new travel site.

When you search for a destination, there’s a new tab that shows three options:

Google’s travel site now shows the best time to visit based on price, weather and crowds.
Google’s travel site now shows the best time to visit based on price, weather, and crowds.
  • “Where to stay” with hotel recommendations
  • “When to visit” with information on the typical weather conditions, how busy the destination city typically is and when it’s the least expensive
  • “What you’ll pay” which provides more information on price ranges for hotels.”

You can see that, for example, Dubai is really busy and most expensive in the month of January and less crowded during July to October as the temperature goes up, In the month of November and December the temperature will be down as compared to the July-Oct. So if you visit Dubai during Nov-Dec the weather will be good and it will be quite affordable in comparison to January.

It doesn’t work for every destination, though. When I tried searching for “Bora Bora,” it just showed standard prices.

I like that it shows the information on different months of the year no matter what your initial search is, though. So if you’re pretty open on your travel dates, you can get more information on when the best time to travel somewhere is.

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