GoAir Opens Middle Seat Booking, Provides Online Doctor Service


Shortly after launching quarantine packages, GoAir launched two new initiatives.

The first is called GoMore, where passengers can book another neighboring seat on the same PNR to achieve better social distance.

The other initiative that GoAir has launched is Online Doctor Consultation in collaboration with MFine, an on-demand healthcare platform.

  • The GoMore ticket can be booked across channels, including the airline’s website, mobile app and travel agents.
  • No additional baggage allowance, meals or other services are available for the adjacent seat.
  • GoAir passengers, according to the company, have instant access to over 3000 doctors in 500 hospitals and can call for an advisory fee of Rs 99.
  • The company claims that passengers will be able to “skip” the waiting room and consult with city doctors on their cell phones.

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At every stage we want our passengers to feel confident when travelling with GoAir and to achieve that, we are introducing a slew of measures. Recently we introduced Quarantine Packages and today we are introducing GoMore and Online Doctor Consultation. There are few more value adds in the offing that will provide passengers with additional confidence to travel,” said the GoAir Spokesperson.


GoAir passengers can also opt for a full body check (which includes over 50 tests) for Rs 599 or an extended full body check (which includes over 75 tests) for Rs 999.

Both health checks include a free report review with a doctor on MFine.

Stay tuned for more updates on travel and airlines.

Until then,

Wear Mask. Follow Social Distancing. Stay Safe. Have a safe Journey!


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