Goa looking to restart tourism after May 31


Chief minister Pramod Sawant said on Saturday that the state government will come out with a standard operating procedure (SOP) to restart tourism activities in Goa after end of lockdown 4.0 on May 31.

Stating that Goa has become a 365-day tourist destination, Sawant said, “At present we are working to control Covid-19. After May 31, we will declare a SOP for tourism.”

TOI was the first to report that the state government will come out with a SOP to promote Goa as Covid-free tourist state before it opens its borders for tourists.

While uncertainty over the resumption of mining activities continued, tourism turned a major source of revenue for the state government.


Sawant said the government is trying to make Goa a Covid-free state once again. He said the health agencies are testing each and every one who arrives in the state.

“Goa is the first state in India to conduct Covid-19 test on people entering the state via railways,” the chief minister said.

“In Goa, first mining, second tourism, third industries, fourth agriculture and then the others contribute to the economy,” he said.

To compensate for loss of revenue to the tourism industry, the state government has requested the Centre to amend the relevant act so that mining activities can resume in the state.


(Source: TNN)

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