Goa Identifies 900 UK Arrivals, To Send Them For More Tests


Goa will send More than 900 travellers for RT-PCR tests. These travellers landed in Goa from the UK between December 9 and 20. After that, samples of persons testing positive will be sent for genome study at the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, state epidemiologist Dr Utkarsh Betodkar told TOI.

Travelers will have to undergo a new test amid new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Government of India on Tuesday amid concerns that a new strain of Covid-19 will be found in the UK.

Betodkar further said Goa did not receive a flight from the UK during the crucial time between December 21-23.

Under the SOP, authorities are required to review three categories of travelers from the UK. Regarding travelers arriving between November 25th and December 8th, he said the task was pretty straightforward as they just needed to be monitored. They have completed their 14 day quarantine.


However, the visitors who arrived Goa between December 9 and 20 will be sent for RT-PCR tests irrespective of whether they came with a Covid negative certificate or had opted to test on arrival at the airport, Betodkar said.

“Whoever visits a hospital will be able to get a test done even on Christmas day,” he said. The district collectors are required to have separate isolation facilities for UK travellers and their contacts who test positive.

(A Times Of India Report)

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