Goa Casinos: Entry for locals banned from February 1


Entry for locals in Goa Casinos will be banned in the state from February 1, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Thursday. Speaking to reporters in Panaji, Sawant also said the state Sales Tax commissioner would be appointed as a Gaming Commission to formulate rules and regulate the casino industry.

“The Sales Tax Commission will be appointed as the Gaming Commission on February 1. Goans will be banned from entering casinos on the same day,” Sawant said, adding that a notification to the effect would be issued later on Thursday or on Friday.

Sawant also said once the Gaming Commission comes into effect, it will have the authority to formulate rules and regulations to govern the casino industry, as well as identify and prevent domiciled Goans from entering and playing in the casinos.

“Gaming Commission will draft rules and regulations,” Sawant said.


There are currently six offshore casinos anchored and operating from the Mandovi river, while there are nine onshore casinos.

(Source: Live Mint)

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