Go First Offering Free Meal And Seat On Select Flights Till Jan 31


Go First, the Indian budget carrier has introduced a new year offer for its customers and offers a free meal and complimentary seats on selected flight bookings.

Notably, if you are planning to fly from Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. you can get a Free Seat selection* and a Complimentary Meal (includes one sandwich and one beverage) * on-board.

The offer comes after airlines in India witnessed a significant drop in bookings and passenger traffic due to the surge in Omicron cases. It is worth mentioning that seat selection and meal services are chargeable in both LCC and ULCC airlines.

Go First’s free Meal and Seal offer is valid for booking and travel till 31st¬†January 2022 on the below-mentioned sectors only;

Flight No.DepartureArrival
G8  313HyderabadKochi
G8  571HyderabadGoa
G8  661HyderabadGoa
G8  7556HyderabadDelhi
G8  509HyderabadBengaluru
G8  501HyderabadKochi
G8  661HyderabadGoa
G8 515HyderabadPatna
G8  504HyderabadJaipur
G8  625HyderabadKolkata
G8  681HyderabadLucknow
G8  107HyderabadLucknow
G8  503HyderabadChennai
G8  551HyderabadAhmedabad
G8  506Hyderabad Kochi
G8  517HyderabadBengaluru
G8  962HyderabadPune
G8  513HyderabadChandigarh
G8  123HyderabadKolkata
G8  424HyderabadDelhi
G8  426HyderabadDelhi
G8  505HyderabadJaipur
G8  314HyderabadKochi
G8  502PuneNagpur
G8  176PuneDelhi
G8  284PuneBengaluru
G8 722PuneAhmedabad
G8  394PuneLucknow
G8  7394PuneKolkata
G8  293PuneBengaluru
G8  501PuneBengaluru
G8  242PuneBengaluru
G8  394PuneKolkata
G8  293PuneBengaluru
G8  722PuneAhmedabad
G8  960PuneHyderabad
G8  7550PuneDelhi
G8  7544PuneBengaluru
G8  172PuneDelhi
G8  452PuneChennai
G8  314PuneBengaluru
G8  312PuneNagpur
G8  242PuneBengaluru
G8  2541PuneDelhi
G8  174PuneDelhi
G8  283PuneNagpur
G8  501PuneBengaluru
G8  321MumbaiDelhi
G8  349MumbaiVaranasi
G8  351MumbaiPatna
G8  2606MumbaiLucknow
G8  306MumbaiLucknow
G8  397MumbaiLucknow
G8  303MumbaiChennai
G8 305MumbaiChennai
G8  302ChennaiMumbai
G8  304ChennaiMumbai
G8  334DelhiMumbai
G8  7533DelhiMumbai
G8  7534DelhiMumbai
G8  7535DelhiMumbai
G8  2501DelhiMumbai
G8  392DelhiMumbai
G8  338DelhiMumbai
G8  336DelhiMumbai
G8  323DelhiMumbai
G8  346DelhiMumbai
G8  330DelhiMumbai
G8  354DelhiMumbai
G8  392DelhiMumbai
G8  401BengaluruRanchi
G8  385BengaluruMumbai
G8  405BengaluruVaranasi
G8  791BengaluruKolkata
G8  808BengaluruLucknow
G8  292BengaluruPune
G8  116BengaluruDelhi

Go First Free Meal & Seat Offer

  • The complimentary meal and seat will be non-transferable.
  • There will be no refund against the complimentary meal and seats.
  • The complimentary meal and seat is non-transferable in the event of cancelling or rescheduling of the flight either by the passenger or by the airline.
  • All other Terms of Carriage as available at www.flygofirst.com shall be applicable
  • This offer is applicable for booking & Travel between 11th Jan, 2022 to 31st Jan, 2022.

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