Germany Visa: Students Must Submit APS Certificates With Visa Applications Starting Nov 01


According to the statement issued by the German Missions in India, prior to applying for a German student visa, Indian students must have their academic records evaluated by the Academic Evaluation Center and obtain APS certificates.

The Academic Evaluation Center verifies the applications of students with Chinese, Indian, or Vietnamese university degrees who wish to pursue higher education in Germany.

The German Mission in India on its official website stated;

“From November 1st onwards, APS certificates will be a mandatory part of the documents to be submitted with your visa application. This means: Applicants need an APS certificate before filing a visa application. APS will be open for applications beginning October 1st, 2022.”


New Slots for Student Visa

The German Mission also stated that they will open new appointment slots for student visa applications through VFS Global. These slots are valid for applications to be submitted starting November 1st, 2022.

In short, students will need to…

  • Apply for APS certificate starting October 1st
  • Book your appointment via VFS after having obtained the APS-certificate
  • Appointments will take place starting November 1st.

As there still is a number of entries on the appointment waitlist for winter semester 2022, please note that – unfortunately – it is not possible for the Embassy/Consulates to verify who is in possession of a still valid admission from a German university.

Therefore, all students are kindly requested to register for an appointment only if they have obtained all mandatory documents.


APS Certificate

The initial step in the application process for an APS certificate is online registration, which requires applicants to create an account on the APS India website before printing out and signing the application form. The APS procedure will cost applicants ₹18,000, which needs to be transferred to the APS bank account.

The printed and signed form should be delivered in person or by courier to APS India.

It is important to note that in some cases, such as for applicants whose thesis supervisor does not require such a certificate for registration and students who have won a German or European scholarship, the APS certificates are not necessary.

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