Germany: The Ideal Destination for Multiple-Entry Schengen Visas

Germany has secured its position as the leading destination for travelers seeking multiple-entry Schengen visas, boasting the highest rate of issuance among all countries in 2022. Newly released data reveals that a staggering 90.6 percent of Schengen visas issued by German consulates and visa centers worldwide were granted as multiple-entry visas, allowing holders to enter the territory more than once.

Germany emerges as the leading destination for travellers seeking multiple-entry Schengen visas, boasting the highest rate of issuance among all countries in 2022.

According to recently published data on Schengen visa applications, an impressive 90.6 per cent of the visas issued by German consulates and visa centres worldwide were granted as multiple-entry visas, granting holders the privilege of multiple visits to the territory.

Germany’s Dominance in Numbers

In absolute numbers, out of the 1,043,297 visa applications received, Germany granted 817,307 visas, with a staggering 740,356 falling under the multiple-entry category.

While a handful of other countries also come close to this rate, such as Slovenia with an 81.6 per cent rate of issuance and Estonia with 81.3 per cent, the countries that received a higher number of visa applications than Germany, namely France and Spain, lag significantly behind in terms of multiple-entry visa issuance.

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France and Spain’s Disproportionate Visa Issuance Rates

Though France was once again the top favourite country for Schengen visa applicants with almost two million applications received in 2022, only 40 per cent of the visas it issued were valid for more than one entry.

Similarly, Spain, which this year was the second Schengen country with the most short-term visa applications received, issued only 39.3 per cent of them with the multiple-entry option.

Other Countries with High Multiple-Entry Visa Issuance

Aside from Germany, Slovakia, and Estonia, other countries with a high share of MEVs issued, are as follows:

  • Austria – 74.9 per cent out of 125,275 visas granted
  • Italy – 73.8 per cent out of 629,223
  • Finland – 72.3 per cent out of 142,302

Conversely, Iceland (5.8 per cent), Norway (33.6 per cent), and Sweden (33.6 per cent) reported the lowest rates of multiple-entry visas issued.


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Germany Demonstrates Low Rejection Rates, Below EU Average

Germany Visa

Germany not only stands out for its high rate of multiple-entry visa issuance but also boasts one of the lowest rejection rates compared to other Schengen member states.

Data from 2022 indicates that Germany rejected only 16.2 per cent of the visa applications it received, while the average rejection rate for all Schengen member states stood at 17.9 per cent.

This demonstrates that the chances of having a Schengen visa rejected by German authorities are significantly lower than those of most other Schengen countries.


Among the Schengen member states, Malta, Sweden, Belgium, and France recorded the highest rejection rates in 2022. Travellers who applied for visas at the consulates or visa centres of these countries were more likely to face rejection.

On the other hand, Iceland, Lithuania, Finland, and Latvia reported the lowest rejection rates among the Schengen states.


In conclusion, Germany emerges as the top destination for those seeking multiple-entry Schengen visas, with an exceptional rate of issuance in 2022. Additionally, Germany showcases a low rejection rate compared to other Schengen countries, further enhancing its appeal for visa applicants.

Travellers are advised to consider these factors when planning their visits to Schengen countries, as Germany presents an attractive option for hassle-free travel within the Schengen area.


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