GACA Directed Airlines Not To Allow Passengers To Carry Zamzam Inside Baggage


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) the regulation of air transport services in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday issued a circular and directed all the airlines to not allow passengers to carry Zamzam water bottles inside their checked baggage onboard flights departing from the Kingdom’s airports.

The advisory, which comes ahead of Hajj 2022, is expected to startle pilgrims since it limits the number of Zamzam bottles they can take after performing the annual rituals.

“The General Authority of Civil Aviation issues a circular to air carriers regarding the obligation of passengers departing from the Kingdom’s airports not to put (Zamzam packages) inside the weighted baggage,” said GACA in a Tweet.

Advisory on carrying Zamzam water bottles

As per the latest advisory issued by the GACA “All airlines departing from the Kingdom’s airports shall not allow passengers to carry liquids (ZamZam packages) inside their checked-in baggage.”

Checked-in luggage is luggage that has been given to an airline for transportation. As opposed to carry-on luggage, it is inaccessible to travellers throughout the flight.

The advisory further stated that “Failure to comply with circulars issued by GACA is an explicit violation of government’s orders. Legal procedures shall be initiated against violators and they will be held responsible.”

The advisory applies to all airlines operating in Saudi Arabian airports, including private aviation, as well as all aircraft departing from Saudi Arabian airports.


About Zamzam Water

Zamzam water comes from the well revealed to Hagar (sometimes spelt Hajar), Prophet Ibrahim’s wife and mother of Prophet Ismail (peace be upon them all). The well is located within Makkah’s Masjid al-Haram.

Every year, millions of pilgrims visit the well to drink its water while performing the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages.

The pilgrims often bring Zamzam bottles within their checked-in and carry-on luggage to store for future consumption and to give to friends and family members.

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