France May Tighten Coronavirus Restrictions


The French prime minister Jean Castexmay said on Thursday that the country may need to tighten coronavirus restrictions as pressure mounts on their hospital system due to the coronavirus cases.

“We will not only keep the measures already in place … but will be ready to toughen them the moment we see that it is necessary,” Castex told a news conference.

He further said that as the second wave was ongoing, all shops, restaurants, museums, cinemas, theaters, sporting events will remain closed.

The border with the United Kingdom will remain closed until further notice, said the Prime Minister.


The country closed the border on December 20 after a rapidly spreading strain was discovered in Britain.

Health Minister Olivier Veran told reporters that all laboratories had been tasked with tracking down the mutant strains in France.

“We take the threat coming from the British and South African variants very seriously and we are taking every measure to prevent these variants from spreading across the national territory,” Veran said.

As per the French health ministry, Certain categories of travelers who are allowed to come to France from the UK, and also from South Africa, will need to show a negative COVID-19 report.


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