Former Jet Airways CEO To Start New Airline In 2021


Former CEO of Jet Airways and GoAir, Vinay Dube, plans to launch a new airline in the country in 2021.

Dube has partnered his former colleagues Praveen Iyer and Nikhil Ved for starting the airline and has held initial talks with aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus, Business Standard reported.

“A lot of ground work has been done and the team is looking for investors to raise funds,” a source was quoted as saying. The venture has also applied for getting a ‘no objection certificate’ from the Civil Aviation Ministry.

The venture plans to start operations with five aircraft before the end of 2021.


Dube quit the defunct Jet Airways in May 2019. He also served as the CEO of Wadia group-promoted GoAir during February-August 2020.

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