Flights From India to UAE Suspended Till July 25, Says Emirates | No Clarity From GCAA


UAE’s flagship carrier Emirates on Sunday said that flights from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka to UAE will remain suspended until 25th July 2021.

In line with UAE government directives, Emirates will be suspending the carriage of passengers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to Dubai until 25 July 2021

Emirates said on its website.

However, the airline makes it clear that the suspension is subject to further review.

It must be noted that Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi-based airline on Friday announced that the passenger flights from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh would be suspended until July 31.


It is the 4th time when Emirates changed the date of flight resumption from India.

  • Initially, Emirates had started taking bookings from India to Dubai from July 7 onwards, this was then changed to July 16.
  • later when the flights failed to resume from July 16, the airline then said that the suspension has been extended till July 21.
  • Now, as per the latest information given out by the airline now states that flights would resume from July 26, and not July 21.

Emirates in response to a customer’s query says that it can’t give a specific date as it depends on the government’s decision.

The latest announcement by the airline creates a lot of confusion on the flight resumption date because Emirates says flights from India are suspended till July 25 while Etihad says July 31 and still there is no official announcement and clarity from the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

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