Flight Tickets To Get More Expensive From April 01: Here Is Why!


Starting from 01st April 2021 domestic and international flight tickets become more expensive as the govt is going to increase the Aviation Security Fees (ASF) paid by air passengers.

At present, the govt is charging aviation security fees of ₹160 for domestic $5.2 for international passengers.


Coming next month, the same will be increased to ₹200 for domestic and $12 (around ₹900) for international outbound passengers.

The new rates of ASF will be applicable on tickets issued from 01 April 2021. In the last 1.5 months, airfare bands for domestic flights have been hiked up to 30% due to spiraling jet fuel prices and with ASF also increasing, flying is set to cost more.

Aviation Security Fee (ASF)

However, as per the latest orders from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), certain categories of travellers are exempt from paying this fee. This includes

  • Children (under age of 2years)
  • Holders of diplomatic passport
  • Airline crew on duty, including sky marshals, persons traveling on official duty on aircraft operated by LAF.
  • Persons traveling on official duty for United Nations Peace Keeping Missions and transit passengers.

Moreover, the exemption is also extended to passengers departing from any airport due to involuntary re-routing because of technical problems or weather conditions.

Last year in September the ASF for Domestic Passengers has increased to ₹160 from ₹150 while for international flyers it was increased to $5.2 from $4.85.

It is important to mention that the airlines collect the ASF from passengers when they book their tickets then pay it to the govt. The ASF is used to fund the safety arrangement at airports across the country.


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