Flight At Kolkata Airport To Remain Suspended On 7 Days In August


Due to rising Coronavirus cases within the state flight operations at the Kolkata airport will remain suspended on 7 days in August 2020.

As per the update of Kolkata Airport Authority – “Flight operations at Kolkata Airport will remain suspended on following lockdown days as announced by West Bengal Govt: 5th, 8th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th & 31st August 2020.”

The West Bengal government earlier decided to impose a biweekly complete lockdown in the state to interrupt the chain of COVID-19 transmission.

The Kolkata Airport was also shut on July 25 and 29, amid the entire lockdown in place across the state.


A couple of weeks back, the ban on passenger flights to Kolkata from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Nagpur, and Ahmedabad was extended till July 31.

The ban by the Kolkata Airport comes after aviation regulator DGCA extended the suspension of scheduled international passenger flights in the country till an indefinite period.

After nearly two months of suspension to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the govt resumed scheduled domestic passenger flights on May 25.


However, it had allowed airlines to operate a maximum of 33 percent of their pre-COVID flights. The MOCA increased the bounds on June 26 from 33 percent to 45 percent.

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