Finland To Become First EU Country To Test Digital Passports


Finland has announced plans to test a digital travel passport (a mobile app that contains digital copies of travel documents) for cross-border travel. Finland will be the first EU country to test the digital passport in this manner.

Finland’s decision to test ‘Digital Passport’ comes after the European Commission has requested that some member states carry out the pilot project.

The states will publish a report on their experiences in order to present a proposal for implementing this project in all member countries. The project will be funded by the EU commission.

It is worth mentioning here that the ‘Digital Passport’ will be implemented first in Finland and Croatia.


Finland To Test Digital Passports

The travel requirements will be tested at Helsinki Airport once the funds have been approved. According to a media report, digital requirements will aid in speeding up the travel process and border checks.

According to the Finnish newspaper, Inspector Mikko Väisänen of the Finnish Border Guard said that a funding application for the ‘Digital Passport’ is being drafted for commission. This application must be submitted by August 31st. Following the funding of the application, a decision will be made on whether or not to begin the project.

He also stated that if the project is approved, a phone app with travel requirements will be provided to a group of volunteers. The app will assist passengers in electronically transmitting their travel requirements to border authorities.

The information in the app will be validated ahead of time and deleted at the end of the trip.


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