Fare Capping For Domestic Flights Extended Till February 24


The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) on Thursday, 05th Nov 2020 said that the fare cap on domestic flights will continue until February 24, 2021.

“The fare bands within which the airlines have to operate have been extended up to 24th February 2021 by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. These fare bands came into force with effect from 21st May 2020,” the Civil Aviation Ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has implemented a cap on domestic airfare in May 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak.


The aviation regulator of India, DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) On May 21 issued the government-decided fare limits for these bands —

  • Domestic flights with less than 40-minute duration to have lower and upper limits of ₹2,000 and ₹6,000
  • for 40-60 minutes ₹2,500 and ₹7,500
  • for 60-90 minutes ₹3,000 and ₹9,000
  • for 90-120 minutes ₹3,500 and ₹10,000
  • for 120-150 minutes ₹4,500 and ₹13,000
  • and for 150-180 minutes ₹5,500 and ₹15,700.

On 1st November 2020, the daily domestic passenger traffic has reached 2.05 lakh.  When the domestic flight operation resumed in May 2020, the airlines were allowed to operate at 33% of their pre-COVID capacity (as per the summer schedule, 2020).  At that time, the average daily traffic was about 30,000.

This cap was increased to 45% on June 26, 2020, this cap was further revised to 60% w.e.f. September 2, 2020. At this time, airlines can operate up to 60% of their capacity.

“Ministry of Civil Aviation is monitoring the traffic every day, and it’s expected that the traffic would further pick up due to the festival season and as the passenger traffic increases, the upper cap would be revised to 70-75% of normal capacity in the coming days,” it added.


Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7 Flights

It is worth mentioning that all scheduled passenger – domestic and international flights are suspended in India since March 23 because of the coronavirus pandemic. domestic flight services resumed in a staggered manner after a gap of just about two months in May.

International passenger flight on the other hand remains to be suspended. However, special international passenger flights are operating in India under the Vande Bharat Mission since May and under bilateral air bubble arrangements formed between India and other countries since July.

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