Explaining My Father The Process Of Starting An Online Store Was Never This Easy


Ever since I was a child, the realm of technology and electronic gadgets fancied me. I knew that I wanted to make a career in this field and someday set up a store in my hometown.

I completed my studies from a local school and was finally ready to jump into my business dream. I did tons of extensive research and soon realised that the path ahead was not an easy one to traverse.

Another damper on my progress bar was the fact that I hailed from a small town where only a handful of people were involved with technology in any way.

The handful of people who needed to buy gadgets or electronics had to visit the nearest city to purchase them. This was something that I desperately wanted to change.


Initial Obstacles And Limitations

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In the initial days, I talked to my father about setting up my electronics store, for which he showed interest and helped me quite a bit. However, I faced a bunch of hurdles along the path. 

The main obstacle I faced was the location. There was limited exposure to new tech in my city, which then led to very few customers walking in.

I also faced the inability to manage capital gains or losses effectively due to lost or no records of the miscellaneous finances. 


I could not keep track of all the orders, and with all the shipping costs included, there wasn’t much of an income that I could extract from my job.

With the losses increasing and me gaining little to no profits at all, I knew I had to do something out-of-the-box and even go digital.

I consulted one of my friends from the city about this issue, and I cannot thank him enough for what he suggested. He told me about this fantastic app called Dukaan.

How Dukaan App Helped Me


Dukaan enabled local stores to become digital and use Whatsapp to start selling. All I had to do was get myself registered, start filling inventory and then share my store link with the users on WhatsApp.

The only thing I had to do was to convince my father about the idea of starting an online store on Dukaan, which most certainly was a daunting task.

However, with so many features and amazing perks offered by Dukaan App, it became increasingly easy for me to have him on my side.

I explained to him about the core features that Dukaan had to offer – 


Manage Products and Catalogues 

It became increasingly easy for me to include products and showcase them to the consumers without any hassle. The app helped me by – 

  • Adding new products and set prices
  • Editing existing product prices
  • Editing product availability
  • Removing products and managing catalogues
  • Process Orders

With the digitisation of my store, it was convenient for me to fulfill, reject, or archive orders.

Review Store Performance

After investing so much time and resources in the upliftment of my business, I longed for the power to view all the reviews left by people. Dukaan could also facilitate this as it could help me –

  • View sales reports by day, week, or month.
  • Easily download my sales reports.

Sell On More Sales Channels

I knew that in order to expand my business beyond the traditional horizons, I had to go digital and sell more online. I convinced my father quickly with these points that I could –

  • Share my store with anyone on WhatsApp/Facebook
  • Share a specific product or catalogue over Whatsapp/Facebook

Additional Features 

Not only the features as mentioned above but Dukaan also offered a ton of other hard-to-resist offers which quickly enabled me to explain everything about the process of starting an online store to my father.

  • Dukaan charges zero fees on transactions. The app did not claim any commission from me or from any of the orders I completed.
  • It offers multiple device support in this world of advancing technology of smartphones and tablets.
  • It helps people generate business cards and share with others.
  • Dukaan also assists people to manage their inventory and product variants conveniently. It provides them with smart product recommendations for even better sales figures.

Final Words

Dreaming about something is one thing and doing something about it is another. I always wanted to own an electronics store in my city, which I eventually achieved using the Dukaan app.

I encountered a bunch of deterrents along the path and was ready to give up if it hadn’t been for my friend who recommended me the app.

With so many features at its disposal, I quickly convinced my father about the concept of an online store by using Dukaan.


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