Eurail Passes Go Digital From January 2021


The paper Eurail passbook, which has been used for train tickets for European travel for 60 years, will soon be going digitized.

With its network of over 33 countries, the new digital Eurail passes are now available online.

To celebrate this new offer, Eurail is giving travelers a 20% discount on all global passes and is now selecting a single country passes for travel over the next year until January 4, 2021.

With the introduction of digital passes, Eurail travelers can now access the mobile all-in-one pass via the Rail Planner app. It’s easier than ever to plan trips on the go.


In addition to accommodating the pass itself, the app also contains functions that support travelers on their journey. It includes the ability to access train timetables offline, perform advanced searches to determine which trains need to be reserved in advance, and get discounts on ferries, buses, and attractions across the continent.

For travelers ready to book their trip, Generator Hostels – one of the many companies partnered with Eurail – is offering a 20% discount on stays booked by December 31st for travel during 2021.

In order to offer travelers as much flexibility as possible, Eurail passes can be used at any time within 11 months of purchase.

There is no obligation to select a start date for travel in advance.


If you are looking for additional security, you can upgrade to Plus, so that every purchase is 100% refundable and exchangeable.

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