UAE: Emirates to Introduce First-Ever Robotic Check-In System at Airports


Emirates, the flagship carrier of UAE, based in Dubai is set to introduce a portable robotic check-in system, known as Sara, at airports across the country.

According to the airline’s COO, Adel Al Redha, the robotic system is the first of its kind in the world and is entirely manufactured in the UAE, including both hardware and software. Sara is fluent in at least six languages and can assist with everything from check-in to hotel reservations.

Emirates Plans to Roll Out Over 200 Sara Systems

Emirates plans to install over 200 Sara systems at airports across the city over the next few years, with the first few set to go live in the coming months.


With the ability to complete all checking processes, including sending boarding passes directly to a passenger’s registered email or phone number, the robotic system is expected to be especially useful for transit passengers.

Sara will be upgraded in the future to include AI, allowing it to connect with immigration services and provide information on entry permits, visas, and hotel bookings.

Image Credit Khaleej Times

Sara Unveiled at ForsaTEK Event

The Sara system was unveiled at the inaugural ForsaTEK event, which brings together key players in the aviation industry, high-profile technology and industry partners, and start-ups. The event, held on March 9-10 at the Emirates Group, showcased the future of travel through entrepreneurship and innovation.

AI to Triple over the Next Two Years

According to Al Redha, the use of AI and other modern technology will more than triple in the next two years. The airline has already implemented biometric registration and self-check-in, which has reduced the number of check-in counters and staff required to process flights at the boarding area.


Emirates has reportedly saved close to 30% on staffing costs by using biometric processing instead of non-biometric machines or gates.

Adel Al Redha, COO of Emirates, believes that the introduction of Sara and advancements in AI will lead to more such deployments in the future, not only with Emirates but also with other companies.

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