Emirates Goes Paperless: Phasing Out Boarding Passes for Dubai Departures from May 15

Emirates will require most passengers departing Dubai to use mobile boarding passes instead of printed paper versions, starting from May 15. This initiative aims to reduce paper waste while providing a convenient and speedy check-in experience. Passengers can access their mobile boarding passes via email, SMS, or the Emirates App, and use them throughout their journey, from Dubai Duty Free to boarding the aircraft.

Emirates is advancing its commitment to provide customers with convenient and secure digital travel experiences by implementing a new policy requiring most passengers departing from Dubai to use mobile boarding passes starting from May 15.

Passengers checking in at Terminal 3 will receive their mobile boarding passes via email or SMS. For those who check-in online, the boarding pass can be loaded into their Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, or accessed through the user-friendly Emirates App.

Additionally, the baggage receipt will be emailed directly to passengers or available on the Emirates App.

Reducing Paper Waste and Enhancing Passenger Convenience

This initiative aims to significantly reduce paper waste while offering a streamlined and efficient check-in experience for Dubai-bound passengers. By using mobile boarding passes, the risk of misplacing or losing physical boarding passes is minimized, providing travellers with peace of mind during their journey.


Seamless Travel Journey with Mobile Boarding Passes

Passengers can utilize their mobile boarding passes throughout their travel journey, including at Dubai Duty-Free, during security checks, and for boarding. Simply presenting the boarding pass on their mobile phones, Emirates agents and airport staff will scan the QR code on the pass as passengers move through the airport and board the aircraft.

Exceptions to Mobile Boarding Passes

Certain passengers will still require physical boarding passes, including those travelling with infants, unaccompanied minors, individuals needing special assistance, passengers with onward flights on other airlines, and all passengers heading to the US.

Printed Boarding Passes Option Available

Passengers who do not possess a mobile device or face technical difficulties accessing their boarding pass may request a printed version from Emirates agents at the check-in counters.

This service ensures all travellers can receive their boarding passes, accommodating situations such as low battery power, system glitches, message delivery delays, or the inability to access Wi-Fi, a network, or a data package.


Digital Benefits for Emirates App Users

Millions of Emirates passengers have already experienced the convenience of digitally enabled journeys. In addition to the hassle-free check-in and itinerary management, users of the Emirates app can access digital menus in advance and curate personalized playlists of favourite movies, TV shows, and music available on the in-flight entertainment system, ice. These preferences can be synchronized with the app, saving valuable time upon boarding.

Smooth Biometric Journeys at Dubai International Airport

Registered passengers can now enjoy a seamless travel experience at Dubai International Airport by utilizing biometric machines or smart gates at various airport stations.

UAE residents can register to use the Smart Gates at Emirates Terminal 3, allowing them to breeze through immigration each time they return to Dubai. UAE citizens and residents can utilize their passports, boarding pass, or valid UAE ID for expedited processing.

Similarly, GCC nationals and visitors eligible for visas on arrival can access the Smart Gates with a biometric passport.


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