Embassy Issues Fresh Advisory For All Indian Nationals/Students In Ukraine


The Indian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine on Friday issues a fresh advisory for Indian citizens (mostly students) who stuck in Ukraine due to Russian military operation in Ukraine.

The Embassy in its advisory informing stranded Indian citizens that the government of India is working to evacuate them through Romania and Hungary.

Advisory to all Indian Nationals/Students in Ukraine

In this difficult situation, Embassy of India requests Indians to continue to remain strong, safe and alert. Embassy is also working round the clock to support the Indian community in Ukraine.

Government of India and the Embassy of India are working to establish evacuation routes from Romania and Hungary.


At present, teams are getting in place at the following check points CHOP-ZAHONY Hungarian Border near Uzhhorod PORUBNE-SIRET Romanian Border near Chernivtsi

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Indian nationals, especially students living closest to the above border checkpoints are being advised to depart first in an organized manner, in coordination with teams from Ministry of External Affairs to actualize this option.

Once above routes are operational, Indian nationals travelling by their own arrangements for transport would be advised to proceed to above border check points, and remain in touch with the Helpline Numbers set up at respective check-points for facilitation through the border. Numbers would be shared once the control rooms are established.


Students are advised to remain in touch with student contractors, for orderly movement.

The Embassy also reiterated that it is working round the clock to support the Indian community in Ukraine.
Meanwhile, it is also urged to;

  • Carry passport, cash preferably in USD for any emergency expenses, and other essentials
  • COVID-19 double vaccination certificate, if available
  • Print out Indian flag and paste prominently on vehicles and buses while travelling

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