Egypt Visa-On-Arrival for Indian Tourists – Check Process, Fees, Other Details


As you may be aware, Egypt recently announced its new visa rules and will grant visas on arrival to Indian tourists. This decision was made as part of Egypt’s tourism strategy, and it is expected to bring more Indian visitors to the land of the pyramids.

Visa on Arrival for Indians

According to Egypt’s visa policy, Indian passengers can now stay up to 30 days with a visa on arrival, which is a single-entry permit visa. This means that Indian tourists can obtain a visa at the arrival facility without the need for prior application or approval.

Egypt Visa On Arrival for Indian

Process for Obtaining Visa on Arrival

To avail of this facility, Indian tourists need to stay in the line of the visa-on-arrival window and fill up the necessary form, which includes providing the required documents.

After completing the form, the tourist will proceed to pay for the visa and attach the sticker of the Egypt visa with their passport.


Visa Fees

According to reports, Indian tourists can now obtain a single entry visa-on-arrival with a 30-day validity period for $25. (Rs 2,060). Tourists can also obtain a five-year multiple-entry visa for $700. (Rs 57,688).

It is worth noting that this new policy is available to people of over 180 different nationalities.

Payment Method

The payment method for physically applying for a visa on arrival in Egypt includes only cash payment in US dollars. It is essential for Indian tourists to ensure that they carry sufficient US dollars in cash to pay for the visa fee.

Positive Response

The new visa policy has been widely welcomed by Indian tourists and travel agents, who have been seeking a more straightforward and more convenient visa application process for Egypt. The move is also expected to provide a much-needed boost to the tourism industry in Egypt, which has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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